3 reasons an email list is essential to your coaching business

If you are just starting out in your coaching or healing business, you will be looking for that first flurry of customers to bring in some much needed interest and income. But where should you start?

A lot of first-timers get swept into spending a lot of money on having a fancy website designed for them, printing flyers and business cards, and buying adverts in magazines.

But you can put your credit card away, because some of the most important things you can do don’t cost a penny.

No, really! They will take a bit of time though. 

If you want to save yourself a fortune in the long run, then it’s worth investing some of your time and budget into learning a few simple things, like how to build an email list, and then engage those people with your newsletters. 

Breathe – it’s not as hard as it might sound, I promise!

Here are 3 reasons why email marketing is going to make a big difference to your business.

1. Having consistent interactions is easier

When you own your contacts, as you do with an email list (but not with social media – see point 2), then you will find it much easier to maintain regular meaningful interactions with your audience.

This is important because marketing psychology research has shown us just how key for trust this regular communication is.

In order for people to invest any real money with you – I’m not talking a £10 impulse purchase – I’m talking coaching fees etc – then you need to build trust with them.

In content marketing, this is done by consistently popping up in their line of vision, offering more wisdom and generally being awesome.

What better way is there to do this, that sending a regular newsletter with your help and advice to people who want and need it.

2. Your audience is your own

So as I hinted at above, it’s easier to reach your audience consistently when you own your contacts.

I love social media – but I recognise its limitations too. With a social platform, you could have thousands of followers, but how many of them are seeing your posts regularly?

The answer is NOT THAT MANY – and that’s due to the algorithm of the platform.

The bottom line is that these people might be your Facebook fans, but they are Mark Zuckerberg’s contacts. He owns their contact info, and on his platform you merely have access to it… on his terms!

With an email list, you own the contact and have their consent to email them. When you send an email, there are only 2 things that can slow you down (as opposed to the terrifying mathematical nightmare that is an algorithm).

Firstly, your contact might not open the email. That’s fine and normal, but as long as you are right good stuff for the right people, as small percentage of your list will read your emails consistently (and these are your best customers of the future).

Secondly, there is that weird uncle at the party who nobody invited… the spam filter! What can I say? No plan is perfect…

3. It’s cost effective and encourages repeat business

Statistically speaking, email marketing is the most cost effective method and even just looking at the 2 points above its easy to see why.

Having fairly direct access to your potential clients’ line of sight is amazing, and not having to pay a social media platform to boost your content up the algorithm is so important.

As a small business, you don’t want to be spending all your money on ads – especially if you don’t have an ads expert working for you – it’s too easy to lose all your budget with no return

I’ve also seen how email marketing boosts repeat custom, which is also amazingly cost effective. If you think about how much work it can take to get a new customer to trust you and work with you for the first time – think about how much more economical it is for you to re-engage that same customer and sell to them again in the future.

You don’t have to win their trust all over again – they have already experienced your abilities and are already convinced of your value. All you need to do is remind them that you are still there!

So that’s my 2 cents on why email marketing is essential to your small business.

Over on my own email list, I’ve been talking a lot about this – it’s almost inception-like! And I’ve got 2 things to offer you – one free, and one not.

The FREE thing – I’m emailing my followers at the start of every week for what I’m calling #MarketingMagicMonday – this is my own short newsletter, with a couple of handy new tips and tricks for marketing your coaching business each week.

You can join the email list here, and get my Blog Writing Template as a thank you gift when you sign up:

The not-free thing is my newest offering – a bundle of training videos, plus a template (I really love templates) to teach you the whole email marketing set up from the basics of building your list in Mailchimp (tech is covered slowly and gently, I promise), to the art of writing amazing emails.

You can take a look at that offer (with time-limited discount) here:

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