Creating Content Consistently for Your Business Part 1

Updated: Aug 24

Does perfectionism slow you down?

Today's post is inspired by a need to walk my own talk. I'm always telling the coaches and therapist that I teach marketing to that they need to show up online more.

One of the ways I want to be more present online is via video. I do a ton of writing, but video is somewhere I get in my own way. And the root of this is all in perfectionism.

If I wasn't 'camera ready' with hair and makeup done and a tidy background, then I wouldn't shoot. So I'd put recording off for another day, and that day wouldn't come often enough.

Reality check

Here's the thing - your future customers don't care if you look perfect, they just want your wisdom so they can get to know how you work, and ultimately decide if they want to spend their money with you.

Remember that content marketing is your way to demonstrate your expertise, and let your future customers get to know, like and trust you. So the more you show up, the better your odds!

Most of my clients and students alike are coaches or therapists, and in those industries there is a fair bit of competition. So in order to stand head and shoulders above the rest and make sure you are getting enough new clients into your business - you guessed it, you need to show up consistently.

Perfectionism is one of the pitfalls

Of course there are several factors that can hold you back from showing up enough - and I'm going to address them all this month in upcoming videos. These include not having enough ideas, and not having the time you think you need to create everything. But perfectionism is the one I chose to address today as I needed to call myself out a bit and challenge myself to create more videos.

My challenge to myself

I've set myself the challenge to do 30 #MarketingMagic videos in 30 days, no matter how my hair looks or where I am. You will probably see a lot of hats! But I'm doing it all through August. The videos are all going up on YouTube, my Facebook page, and Instagram TV.

By the way, using one video for 3 platforms (without spending time editing etc) will be one of the upcoming topics I talk about. You will save so much time by reusing content!

You may also notice that these videos (see my first one below) become the basis for a daily blog post, just like this one! But more on this kind of magic later. Today is about saying 'F**k Perfectionism' and just getting your content out there.

Check out today's short video below, and I will see you again very soon!

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