How to convert your social media followers into paying coaching customers

The essential steps in the journey...

Most people have heard the term "sales funnel" and had a vague notion of some highly complicated (and expensive) method for funnelling customers to paid offers. And this is kind of true - although it can be simpler than you probably think to set up a funnel.

When I teach my clients and my students about sales funnels, before we get onto the more complex way of sending qualified leads to a particular product - I like to begin by explaining the whole online journey as a sort of simplified sales funnel.

What do I mean? Simply this...

The world of selling coaching services online is about relationship building. As an online coach, you don't have a physical bricks and mortar location for people to walk past every day, and begin to grow curious about your offerings, imagining themselves going inside for sessions. You have a website - a tiny spot on the Internet that is so small and so drowned out by all the similar spots on the Internet, that the 'foot traffic' of old won't work here.

So think of your online presence as one big, simplified funnel that takes interested strangers on a journey from cold, to warm, to converted.

At the beginning of the journey, or the top of that funnel, picture your social media followers. These people are thousands of strangers who decided to follow you out of a vague interest, or a fleeting thought about coaching. These guys are your cold audience members.

If there are thousands of them, then consider that only a couple of hundred will warm up. They will warm up by taking the next step along their journey (that funnel), which might be something like joining your private Facebook Group to interact with you more, or taking up a challenge you host, and hopefully by joining your email list too.

These people become warmer over time as they interact with your social posts in the group, open your emails, and begin to think more seriously about what working with you could do for them.

The warm audience members who are most likely to become paying clients of yours, statistically speaking, are the ones who respond to your email offers. These people have trusted you with their email address, been interested enough to read your newsletters, and if you make the right offer at the right time for them, there is a good chance they will buy.

I hope this helps you to better envision the journey that your customers take online. It's the best explanation I know for why posting on social media alone won't bring you coaching clients. You need to bring people closer, into your inner circle, to warm them up and ultimately to convert them.

Here's a little video recap, with an additional tip about recycling your online content to get more eyes on you!

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