If you are brand new to offering your services online, here are some super simple tips

Marketing your services online during COVID-19

Many of my clients are life coaches, or in a similar one-to-one helping role. So with semi-lockdown, will be moving their business offerings online for the very first time.

I’ve seen some people having some brilliant ideas — from offering low-cost group coaching via Zoom, to offering free classes via Facebook live, and just asking for small donations to support their work.

With that said, I’ve also seen some big mistakes that will stop these coaches form getting many bookings. But these mistakes are really easy to fix, so this post is a few simple pointers that will steer you right.

We’ve got this!

Here are a few simple things to help:

1. Not using a complicated payment system when PayPal would do

So I know that some people don’t like to sell via PayPal due to losing a fee for each transaction. This week I’ve seen people giving out their bank details and asking people to send a payment to them via BACS instead.

I get where they are coming from, but the secret to good marketing is for you, the business owner, to get where your clients are coming from. As harsh as it sounds to say — humans are lazy…

I’m sorry, I know, it’s just consumer psychology. So with this in mind, my first tip is for you to make the payee experience quick and painless.

As a consumer, I’d rather sit on my butt and use PayPal to purchase something, than get off my sofa (disturbing a cat), go upstairs, get my credit card and type in the details. I’m also lazy — true story!

So look at it this way. Would you rather have 3 people pay you £5 with zero fees — or 30 people pay you £5 with a small amount going to PayPal… I’ll just leave this here ;)

2. Not putting pointless links in Instagram posts

I’ve seen a few people offering very cool things, from discounted coaching to free online dance classes, and I commend every single one of you for getting on it. So please don’t take this as a criticism, I just want to help. What you need to know about Instagram is that the text that goes with your post cannot display live links.

Sure, you can type a URL, but it will not link. So the reader can’t click it, and if they want to visit your link they will have to come out of Insta, go to their browser and type the URL in… if they can remember it.

Remembering the point above about human laziness (sorry, sorry, I know) we have to allow for that.

The one and only place you can have a live link on Insta is your bio. So the simplest thing to do is to replace your current Insta bio link with the link to your current offer.

And yes, even if that original link is to your website. People place too much importance on directing people to their website’s homepage. In truth, promoting the link to your current offer is much more useful in terms of brining you sales.

So do update that bio link, and then when you write your posts, simply say “find the link in my bio” as your ‘call to action’. Job done ;)

3. Not making things complicated

Here’s another fun, human psychology fact. We have all been raised with the belief that complicated is good. Something fancy and complex is smart, and therefore better.

When it comes to your online offerings, complicated can scare people off, or at least confuse the heck out of them.

You might find that trying to build a complicated online course or something else that’s outside of your comfort zone confuses the heck out of you too.

This is a good sign — it means you are normal!

What I’m saying is don’t get sucked into the hype — you don’t need to build a complicated whizzy funnel and a big, signature eCourse to start making money online.

You can get started with a PayPal account and a Facebook group, or some equally simple combination of easy things. Now is not the time to try running before you can walk, or you risk giving yourself a massive headache.

But also, put yourself in the shoes of your clients. Do they want to jump through hoops to use your online product or service? Or do they need the simplest thing possible? You know the answer.

Keep things simple and you will get a good start on working online. You can do this if you don’t overwhelm yourself and if you don’t overwhelm your customers. Small, simple steps — and deep breaths as needed. Wishing you all the best!

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