Is Social Media more important than your Coaching Website?

I've got a new video that tackles the question, "is Social Media more important than your Coaching Website?"

That might sound like a controversial idea - but here's where I'm coming from...

The key for your coaching business is VISIBILITY. You want your future customers to be able to find you easily. When you start searching for local life coaches, how high up the search results do you find your own website?

Probably not very high - and that's completely normal by the way. It takes SEO expertise, and/or a big advertising budget to rank highly on Google.

Therefore, you are much more likely to get found by potential clients on other sites where the SEO is already done for you, and I'm including social media sites in this.

Your LinkedIn profile, for example, will often be more visible to people who are searching for a coach like you.

This is also why the Life Coach Directory is really worth being on!

This short video explains...

Of course we need our website too – this is where our pricing and contact info is best displayed. And of course, without a website we wouldn’t look like a real business in the eyes of most people.

But in terms of growing your visibility, I believe that your social presence is worth spending more time and effort on in the long run.

What’s your experience been so far? Do you find your best clients come from social sites like LinkedIn, or third party sites like the Life Coach Directory? This is the case for most of my marketing clients.

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