Make your online content reach more people

Re-use what you already have

Something that I often teach people is to 'upcycle' their online content - meaning to recycle it into different formats for different platforms, making one idea reach many, many more eyeballs.With the algorithms we are up against today, there is no way that people will see everything you post.

And to be honest, even if they did, it still doesn't hurt you to repeat the same message, same lessons and same stories - that's the core of your brand and who you are!

But it's not just about re-using the same ideas - 'upcycling' is about turning one idea into various forms so that you can share on all the social platforms you want to use, and you cover the bases for your followers' preferences.

Some people love to watch videos, where as others don't have the patience, but they will skim read a blog post. And some people like your picture posts on Instagram the best. People consume content in different ways - and if you cater to that you will reach more eyeballs, and more future customers.

An example from my own content

At the bottom of this post is a YouTube video. I recorded this in portrait for a reason - so that it would fit on Instagram's IGTV. It also is fine to share portrait video on YouTube and Facebook. All I do to 'upcycle' for these platforms is to make a landscape video thumbnail so it looks nice in the search results.

Now this isn't 'perfect' by any means, but if you remember yesterday's post, we are not aiming for perfect. We are aiming to show up and serve our followers.

So I have made one video, and that covers 3 platforms - off to a good start visibility-wise! Now from this video I write a short blog post (this one) just recapping the points of the video for those people who prefer to read rather than watch. I then post it here on my blog, add it to my Medium profile, and also copy and paste it into a LinkedIn article.

Good stuff so far, and there's one more form my content will take today.

Finally, I will take a sentence or the theme from my blog post/video and make an image card using, which is a great free tool for making graphics easily - and is totally beginner-friendly too!

That image card is initially made with Instagram in mind, but it's also a cool thing to add to my blog posts (like I've done here) and is fine for Facebook and Twitter too.

So that's how I'm upcycling from a short video I shot on my phone today! Finally, I'm going to leave you will a helpful infographic below, and the video I initially started with.

I hope you find this helpful and will give it a go yourself. You don't have to do every step that I did - even just re-using your content a little, like turning one blog post of yours into some image cards for Instagram is a great start. Remember, the more you show up, the more chance your future clients will find you.

Content upcycling is one of the things I teach in my eBook, The Content Creation Handbook, which is available here for just £6.99.

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